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influenza also referred to as the flu, it is a respiratory an infection due to numerous viruses. The viruses go through the air and enter the body with the nose or mouth.

microbicide a medicine that kills microbes like microorganisms or possibly a virus. It is generally a gel, cream, or foam that is put on the vagina or rectum prior to sex to stop HIV or other sexually transmitted bacterial infections (STIs).

start center a Specific spot for Gals to give beginning. They have all of the essential tools for birthing, but are specifically created for a girl, her partner, and family members. Start centers may very well be cost-free standing (individual from a medical center) or Positioned inside a healthcare facility.

incest sexual intercourse involving persons so closely associated that they're forbidden by legislation to marry; also: the statutory crime of this kind of relationship.

pneumonia a severe inflammation with the lungs where the alveoli, or tiny air sacs in the lungs, are filled with fluid. This will likely result in a minimize in the amount of oxygen the blood can take in from air breathed into your lung.

occupational therapy therapy aimed to revive someone's simple abilities, for example bathing and dressing.

pituitary gland a small gland in The pinnacle that makes hormones that Manage other glands and lots of body functions which include advancement.

oxytocin a hormone that will increase during pregnancy and acts about the breast that can help develop the milk-ejection reflex. Oxytocin also brings about uterine contractions.

celiac sickness a digestive ailment that damages the tiny intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food. When people with celiac disorder consume foods made up of gluten, their immune method responds by detrimental the modest intestine.

lactiferous sinuses enlarged try this website percentage of the mammary or milk duct exactly where breast milk swimming pools throughout breastfeeding. The sinuses are guiding the areola and connect with the nipple.

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